Domain Name for sale

For more information, or to puchase, visit:

Two letter domain package domain hack that includes:

  • fl.rs
  • flo.rs
  • floo.rs
  • floor.rs
  • floors.rs

This is an auction of 5 domains perfect for one of your tech startup companies, a flooring manufacturer or retailer, url shortener, or just to show how cool you really are! Get in on the ground floor!

I am selling these fine Serbian domains that I have owned since 2009. I messed around with blogs and url shorteners a bit with these guys, but nothing really took as the day job always took priority.

Any way, I have moved on from the flooring world, and wanted to see if there was any interest in them. I am willing to sell them as a group of names, since I'm not going to do anything with them.